Psychological Fees & Rebates

The are several funding streams that can assist with the payment of psychological services:

  • Mental Health Care Plan: If eligible, your GP can provide a Mental Health Care Plan which will then allow you to claim a medicare rebate for 6 initial sessions and up to 10 sessions/year. This means that after you have paid for the consultation in full, you can receive the medicare rebate. Bulk billing may be available only in exceptional circumstances - please call to discuss this with Kirsten.

  • Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling: For a person who is currently pregnant or has been pregnant in the previous 12 months and is seeking support around pregnancy related issues. This requires a referral from your GP and a rebate is available for 3 sessions per pregnancy.

  • Private Health Funds: Please check with your health insurer to see if you are eligible. Please note that you can not claim both medicare and private health insurance for the consultation.

  • Self referral - if you do not want to use the above options, you are welcome to see Kirsten without a referral at the standard fee.

The fee for a standard consultation (50-60 mins) in the office is $195

Medicare rebate is $126.50

Medicare gap: $68.50


The fee for Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling is $195

Medicare rebate is $63.20

Medicare Gap: $131.80